Scripted - Mental Health

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  1. Unique Opportunity
    1. Scripted content provides a unique opportunity to shape storylines from an early stage.
  2. Have Experts Weigh In
    1. Consult mental health experts and individuals with lived experience early in the process to spark creative ideas and ensure authentic mental health representation.
  3. Support Cast and Crew
    1. Consider the potential impact on your cast and crew and ensure mental health support is available.


Consult Individuals With Lived Experience

  • Consider connecting the writer or writers room with an individual with lived experience, which can help the writer(s) approach the subject matter with empathy and accuracy — and may spark inspiration for the trajectory of the story. 
  • Connect actors to people who have lived experience with the experiences they’re portraying to support the authenticity of their performance and the story more broadly. 
  • Work with a mental health organization or expert advisor who can help you connect with individuals in a healthy stage of coping and have a strong support network, and are therefore best equipped to share their story.

Connect Actors with a Mental Health Professional Who can Support Them Emotionally Throughout the Process

  • When portraying a character who is dealing with a mental health challenge, actors may be personally impacted by that experience regardless of whether they’ve dealt with similar challenges in real life. 
  • A mental health professional can help actors cope with the process of immersing themselves in a character who is struggling or in distress. 

Bring in a Mental Health Expert to Speak with All Members of the Production

  • In addition to actors, others working on your project may deal with challenging emotions related to the project’s mental health themes. 
  • Bringing a mental health expert or advisor on set to speak with the full cast and crew can create an environment where everyone feels safe to ask questions and speak up if the subject matter is impacting them personally.

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